Health insurance ratings to be dropped from state website

Top 10 Quotes From Rock Health’s Innovation Summit

Comments 29 Kaiser Permanente routinely scores well in rankings on quality of care and patient satisfaction. It was the only HMO in the state to earn a top four-star rating for providing recommended care on the most recent report card. (Carlos Chavez / Los Angeles Times) Also By Chad Terhune August 9, 2013, 6:34 p.m. Californians shopping for health insurance in a new state-run market this fall may not see quality ratings for those health plans alongside the monthly price. To the dismay of consumer groups, state officials are dropping plans to post those insurance company ratings in their online enrollment system, which opens Oct. 1 under the federal healthcare law. The state’s health exchange, called Covered California, said this week that it reversed course because the latest state rankings examine performance from 2011, and they don’t reflect many of the new health plans and provider networks being offered for the first time.
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Covered California backs dental plans for 2014, eyes future changes

If weregoing to get people to wear sensors, they either have to be gorgeous or invisible.Sonny Vu Founder/CEO of Misfit Wearables 6. Make a difference as far upstream from disease as possible. Aaron Stoertz People Health Specialist at Google 7. The biggest innovations in the world will come from the intersection of bio & techSusan Desmond-Hellmann UCSF Chancellor [quoting Steve Jobs] 8. The car seat is the most promising wearable device of the future.
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Obama: Republicans’ ‘Unifying Principle’ Is Denying Health Care To 30 Million People

As you might imagine, replacing two years of low numbers with two years of higher numbers increased the ten-year estimate. But opponents of the bill immediately freaked out and declared the costs to have skyrocketed. As Jonathan Chait reported:

The outcry was so widespread that the CBO took the unusual step of releasing a second update to explain to outraged conservatives that they were completely misreading the whole thing: “Some of the commentary on those reports has suggested that CBO and JCT have changed their estimates of the effects of the ACA to a significant degree. That’s not our perspective. …
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