Recent U.S.-Russia snubs don’t affect joint military exercise

President Obama this month canceled a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin after Russia granted temporary asylum to Edward Snowden , who leaked classified information about a top-secret surveillance program run by the National Security Agency. A Washington Post timeline of U.S.-Russia relations shows how the two nations have moved apart in recent years after a period of relative cooperation during the early years of the Obama administration. In 2009, Russia allowed the U.S. and NATO to establish a distribution routethrough Russia for sending troops and supplies to Afghanistan.The two nations also signed a new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty in 2010. Relations went downhill from there, with Putin accusing former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton of encouraging Russian protests in 2011 and then banning U.S.
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‘Exercise Pill’ May Build Muscle, Boost Athletic Performance & Lower Cholesterol Levels (VIDEO)

You dont need to schedule time to walk. Simply park your car at a distance from your destination each time you leave home. Parking a few blocks away could add up to a mile by the end of the day. Exercise During Lunch If youre lucky enough to have an hour or longer for your lunch break, take advantage of that time to get in shape. Exercise for busy women can be as simple as doing chair exercises at the office or taking a brisk walk around the block during your lunch hour. If there is a park near by, walk over and do some stretching exercises in the fresh air.
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Exercise for busy women (Video)

But if you’re eating cake for everyone’s birthday and eating pizza for every football game, then the mantra becomes more like a delusion. Low-Carb, High-Carb, No-Carb … What’s A Girl To Do? How Do I Decipher All The Fad Diets? Poor carbs — they keep getting heckled on the food pyramid, then welcomed back, just to be heckled again. Now that’s a food fight.
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