Fall Foundation Guide: Skin Care Hybrids

Achieving an impeccable complexion via the right foundation is the best accessory to complete an autumn wardrobe line up. For the total multi-tasking woman, an innovative skin care hybrid is the best daily makeup option for an effortless style statement. Blending sun protection, coverage, skin perfecting ingredients and a simple application is a morning makeup secret that takes a contemporary makeup from sending the kids off to school in the morning through getting dinner together in the evening. Quick, comfortable and totally buildable, a great skin care hybrid foundation fulfills multiple steps with a single product. Although for some a one-step foundation may not complete everyones foundation desires but it is a beautiful option to use alone or as a makeup primer. These hybrids are excellent daily complexion perfectors for the ease and convenience but also because they offer a long wear and can be layered with a more opaque coverage from a powder or liquid makeup. Versatility is what makes these products a staple fall makeup essential .
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Unusual skin care products growing more popular

“Basically, it’s made with a kind of snake essence peptide, and it almost freezes wrinkles,” said Zinno. But unlike snake venom, there’s no bite or pain involved. And then there’s the Taut line of Derm Exclusive Reviews products. “Taut Premium Collagen is a nutri-cosmetic which is a nutrition supplement, so think of food for your skin,” Zinno said. Literally because this product you drink, and the active ingredient she says is collagen made from red snapper.
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Skin care: Avoid eating anything that comes in a box

But yogurt and blueberries, flaxseed and salmon? Nutrition plays a key role in skin health, says Meagen McCusker, associate professor of dermatology at the University of Connecticut Health Center. Its really true that you are what you eat, says McCusker, adding that the condition of your skin often tells a story about your overall health and well-being. No wonder, then, that sugar a culprit in many health problems including diabetes and obesity is also involved when it comes to skin health. Foods that keep your blood sugar low are also good for the skin, McCusker says. The first thing I tell people is avoid sugar which includes refined sugar and high-fructose corn syrup and processed foods.
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